Developed a unique iris identifier

The authors of the novelty are engineers of the EyeLock company, which specializes in the creation of biometric security systems. The name of the portable identifier is Myris. The probability that he could be wrong is negligible and is only 1 in 2.25 billion.

Such an impressive result was made possible thanks to the simultaneous scanning of both eyes at once, the iris of which, as you know, is individual. It is no coincidence that experts quite rightly compare the identification accuracy of Myris with DNA analysis.

It is worth immediately warning everyone who tries to deceive a high-precision device. Identification is carried out on the basis of a dynamic video stream, so all attempts, for example, to present a photograph or an inanimate eye are doomed to failure. Once captured by Myris, the live scan data remains in its memory forever.

Currently, EyeLock, hoping for potential customers, is actively promoting its new product, presenting it at numerous exhibitions. It is expected to go on sale in the very near future at a price in the range of $ 300.