Microsoft has developed a 3D scanning system for mobile devices

The popularity of 3D technologies is growing every day. This is also understood by Microsoft Corporation, which has started developing its own mobile 3D scanner.

A new invention from Microsoft Research is a software product that turns a Windows Phone smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner. With the help of the application, it will be possible to quickly create a three-dimensional model of any object, which can then be printed on a 3D printer if desired.

The application works in conjunction with the main camera of the smartphone, which is necessary to take photographs of the object from all sides. The system then automatically creates a 3D model. Moreover, it can be any object, including a person's face.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Microsoft is going to complete this project. But, apparently, many users will want to see such a system in the next editions of Windows Phone.

By the way, the division of Microsoft Research is engaged in the development of very interesting things. Earlier it presented a "smart" passenger elevator with artificial intelligence and a unique bra, which supposedly saves its owner from overeating.