US Navy plans to predict weather three months in advance

Everyone knows that weather forecasting is a very thankless task. If at least half of the predictions come true, it's already good. It is very important for ships in the ocean to know where and when the sea will storm, so it is not surprising that the navy is interested in these developments. In the next ten years, scientists expect to make weather predictions 90 days in advance with an accuracy that can only be envied now.

For correct predictions, a lot of mathematical calculations are required, and in order to simplify them, you need to reduce the number of variables. This can be achieved by receiving information from the bottom of the sea. Underwater drones will track data on water temperature and salinity across the ocean. For this, the one and a half meter Slocum robots developed by DARPA are suitable, which can sink under water to a depth of more than a kilometer, and every few seconds collect information and send it to the mainland.

Currently, the US Navy has 65 Slocum drones, but by 2015 it is planned to increase their number to 150 pieces. The construction of this number of submarines will cost $ 19 million. Although the main goal of this program is to obtain weather data for the fleet, the Navy is going to share this information with everyone.