NKD Aqua Pod filter bottles turn ordinary water into healing water

Competition among manufacturers of purification systems under the slogan: "Whose water is healthier and cleaner?" continues. More recently, a new participant has appeared - the company NKD Aqua, which has proposed an interesting, promising development - bottles with a built-in filtration system NKD Aqua Pod.

Activated coconut carbon, volcanic materials and a unique antibacterial filter saturating drinking water with electrolytes and natural minerals useful for humans were used as filtering components.

As a result of research, the FILTRON water purification system was born. Obtaining a patent for it is expected in the near future. The new filter is designed to purify 175 liters of water and must be replaced every two months. The capacity of the bottle made of transparent polyamide is 585 ml.

The company is currently looking for investors to start serial production. It is planned that the bottles will go on sale in black, red, blue and yellow.