An artificial heart will beat thanks to space technology

The creation of a perfect artificial heart is the cherished dream of humanity. Over 100 million people all over the world suffer from cardiovascular diseases and, as statistics show, it is this disease that takes the most lives every year. It is not uncommon for a patient to have the only chance of salvation - a donor heart transplant, but for obvious reasons, not everyone can use it.

There is only one way out - an artificial heart. The company Carmat, part of the Astrium concern, which is engaged in space and military development, has managed to achieve great success. The result of a hard fifteen years of work was an implant, in the creation of which the latest space and medical technologies were widely used. The well-known heart surgeon Professor Alain Carpentier is rightfully considered the father of the project.

The artificial heart is made up of half organic materials and biological tissue. The other half is made of materials and components used to create space technology. The unique implant is capable of providing 35 million valve openings and closings within a year and can work without problems for 5 years. It is currently being tested.