Amazon plans to deliver parcels with flying drones

A completely new type of delivery of goods was announced by Jeffrey Bezos, the founder of one of the most famous online stores. For super-fast delivery of parcels to its customers, Amazon is going to use flying drones - octocopters. Delivery time in this way will be only 30 minutes.

Jeff Bezos said that the project is still under development and cannot be launched earlier than 2015, at least due to formal issues. But Bezos is confident that all problems will be resolved and the Prime Air (as the delivery by air drones will be called) will work in full force in a few years.

The main purpose of Prime Air is the fastest delivery of light parcels to not very remote locations. Flying drones are a much more sustainable way to deliver goods than trucks. In addition, the octocopter can deliver a parcel even using GPS coordinates, wherever the recipient is.

Amazon pays great attention to security. According to the head of the company, until absolutely all issues of the safety of human life are taken into account, a new type of delivery cannot be launched. “We can't let one of these things land on someone's head, ” says Jeff Bezos.