New technology will allow you to print electronic circuits on a conventional printer

Engineers at Georgia Tech have developed technology for printing electrical circuits on a conventional desktop printer. For just $ 300, the researchers were able to print the diagrams on paper, transparencies, and glossy photo paper.

Circuit printing itself is not a new technology, but scientists have managed to significantly reduce the cost and speed up the process. The secret lies in the use of a special silver-based conductive ink. As with graphene printing, Georgia Tech's method involves refilling empty inkjet cartridges.

“We believe we have the opportunity to introduce a completely new approach to rapid PCB prototyping. The tools needed to create diagrams using the new technology can be found in every office. Therefore, anyone can experiment without even being a professional, ”says Gregory Eboud, professor at Georgia Tech.

The technology is primarily useful for small-scale PCB manufacturers, as well as electronics enthusiasts. The cost of e-ink is $ 200 per bottle (100 ml). One bottle is enough to print 10 square meters of circuit boards. Also, the costs can include the price of a regular printer - about $ 80, and empty cartridges for $ 10 / piece.