The unusual facade of the building appeared in England

It is quite unusual to see a project on an ordinary English street, which is at the intersection of art and architecture. The façade of the building, designed by 28-year-old designer Alex Chinnek, seems to trickle down from the roof to your feet.

This building on Godwin Road in Margate, England, had been vacant for 11 years before Alex was granted permission for this installation. The work on the reconstruction of the facade lasted for six months. All the necessary materials, machinery and equipment were purchased through voluntary donations from citizens.

"The creation of Alex Chinnek amusingly distorts the world around us, " says the attached press release, "and invites you to see a surreal spectacle in a place where we have always seen something different."

The newly opened installation will remain at this site until October 2014. This is expected to help boost tourism in the area.