Huge underground water reserves found in Kenya

Incredibly, scientists have managed to find an underground source of water in an arid country like Kenya. Moreover, the volume of reserves is so large that it will be enough to provide the country with water for the next 70 years.

Not without the use of high technologies: satellite data, various radars and geological research were used to detect water reserves. As a result, an underground layer was found containing 200 billion cubic meters of fresh water.

According to Alan Gachet, director of Radar Technologies International, he and his team used the WATEX mapping system to find water. In order to see what is underground, WATEX processes existing satellite, radar and geological maps. The system was originally intended to search for minerals in Africa, but then it was used to find water. UNESCO is currently planning to use the system in the hope of finding water in other African countries.

For Kenya, where drought is a real problem, such a discovery could be a major boost to development. If the government of the country manages to create the appropriate water infrastructure, nomadic tribes, constantly changing their places of residence in search of rain, can settle in a permanent place, which will lead to the formation and development of cities. Of course, this will not happen overnight; Kenyans will have to be patient.