Holograms in smartphones will appear next year

In order to find out what technologies will be in the future, you just need to watch a couple of science fiction films. Tablets, video conferencing, gesture control are technologies that have been predicted in cinema. Most of them have already become reality. But where are our holograms?

The latest holographic technologies are already making it possible, for example, to bring deceased musicians back onto the stage. However, it requires specialized mirrors, complex lighting systems, and a fortune to do this. But we dream about something else - about holograms projected by our smartphones, tablets and wristwatches.

All this will become reality very soon. California-based Ostendo Technologies has developed a tiny projector that can create true 3D holograms.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Ostendo had already demonstrated a working prototype of the projector: "The three-dimensional hologram of the green cube rotated smoothly in the air and looked the same quality regardless of the position of the viewer."

A huge advantage of the Ostendo chip will be its resolution. In comparison, the Retina display used in the iPhone is in the order of 300 dpi. And Ostendo technology can project an image with a resolution of 5000 dpi. It's incredibly clear.

When will we see this alluring technology in our smartphones? Soon. Ostendo plans to release the first 2D version of its projector next year. Three-dimensional holograms will appear a little later - by 2016.

It looks like Ostendo will succeed: $ 90 million in venture capital and $ 38 million in funding from DARPA will provide the company with the resources it needs to refine the technology.