The girl has a skull transplanted, printed on a 3D printer

A 3D printer came to the aid of the doctors again. This time, it was possible to print out the upper part of the skull, which was then successfully implanted into the patient.

A unique skull transplant has been successfully completed in the Netherlands. Dutch surgeons replaced the top of the skull with a 3D-printed implant for a young 22-year-old patient. She is now feeling well and has already returned to work.

It is reported that the operation was carried out for serious reasons. The fact is that the girl suffered from an abnormal thickening of the skull. The thickness of the bone was 5 cm, while normally it should not exceed 1.5 cm. The skull pressed on the brain and because of its thickening, the patient almost went blind and did not lose facial expressions.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a 3D printer has been used in the most complex operations. Earlier, British doctors managed with his help to restore the face of Stephen Power, who, as a result of an accident, had broken cheekbones, upper jaw, nose, skull and broken facial symmetry.