Secret Russian fighter jet can be seen on Bing maps

Bing Maps is a great way to unravel the world's worst military secrets. For example, not so long ago a top-secret Russian military base was discovered. And now, after a short time, photos of our newest jet stealth fighter appeared. Why do you need James Bond now?

The picture shows the new MiG, which is still called "project 1.44". It also says that Russia may have sent data on the aircraft to China to launch their stealth aircraft program. It is believed that this could serve as our answer to America, in their creation of the F-22 Raptor. Well, we have always loved to measure airplanes.

The 1.44 was reportedly designed to reduce its radar signature while keeping the fighter fast and agile. In 2001, it was said that the project was closed, but as the pictures show, this is far from the case.