KFC and Cooler Master Launch Chicken Oven Game Console

KFC and Cooler Master have partnered to develop the KFConsole, a gaming computer that will keep you warm as you play. In fact, this is a PS from Cooler Master, but with the KFC label and a unique design that most resembles a chicken wing bucket.

If the KFConsole ever gets to mass production, it will be a pretty decent machine. On board are: Intel Nuc9 Extreme Compute Element, NVIDIA GPU and Intel CPU (Cooler Master does not disclose which ones), as well as a terabyte Seagate NVME SSD hard drive. According to Cooler Master, the computer is ready for use with virtual reality systems, supports ray tracing, games in 4K resolution and frame rates up to 240 FPS.

But despite the very decent iron filling, the main feature of the KFConsole is still a mini chicken oven. It's no secret that on many gaming computers, and especially laptops, you can really heat food - they emit so much heat. But only KFConsole decided to make the most of this opportunity. The console uses "natural heat and air currents" to warm up about two small wings at a time. It is not yet known whether the system is diverting steam away from the fried chicken, which is completely useless for a running computer.

KFConsole joins a bizarre list of "grocery and gaming gadgets" that already includes, for example, the Bud Light console, which has managed to squeeze itself into a beer package. It is still unknown when the joint creation of KFC and Cooler Master will go on sale (and whether it will go at all), and how much it will cost. But it should be noted that a well-pumped Intel Nuc9 Extreme alone costs $ 3100.