Bugatti develops luxury Royale floorstanding speakers

The Bugatti brand is synonymous with high-end luxury sports cars, so the news that the renowned automaker has partnered with Tidal Audio to create the Royale floorstanding speakers has piqued the interest of technology enthusiasts.

The Royale is an active-passive speaker with very powerful amplification channels, four 265mm subwoofers per speaker and a front unit with two 170mm woofers, a 127mm ceramic midrange and a 30mm diamond tweeter. As an upgrade, the 127mm ceramic midrange can be replaced with a diamond one.

Each pair of speakers is equipped with a D / A controller that can be connected to streaming services, living room TVs or smart home devices.

The speakers are available in two versions - Monocoque and Duotone - using the patented Tidal Tiralit material. Optionally, their designs can be complemented with carbon fiber and precious metal inserts.

The weight of a pair of Royale speakers is 160 kg. Each speaker measures 144 x 28 x 60 cm. Pricing has not yet been disclosed, but participation in the development of two expensive luxury brands suggests that they will be far from budget.