The sensor earring will allow you to continuously and discreetly monitor your blood sugar level

Modern therapies suggest that the patient should, if possible, not experience psychological or emotional discomfort during the healing process. For example, no one likes injections, and diabetics have to endure them several times a day just to simply control the level of glucose in the body. Tyra Kozlow, a graduate of the University of Huddersfield (UK), came up with a solution to this problem - a sensor earring for non-invasive measurement of the wearer's blood sugar.

With her project called "Sense Glucose Earring", 22-year-old Tyra became one of the finalists of the Global Grad Show 2020 design competition. The concept is extremely simple - the earring contains a sensor that scans the tissues in the earlobe using high-frequency radio waves. There are many blood vessels in this area, so a change in glucose concentration will be quickly noticed. That is, you can measure this indicator in real time and not cause any inconvenience to the patient himself.

Tyra Kozlow's development belongs to the broad category of non-invasive methods of blood analysis using wearable gadgets, in which data is obtained using light, vibration, pressure, changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin, etc. From the technical point of view, it is not yet clear how to put the necessary batteries in the sensor earring. But this is secondary - as Kozlow herself claims, in the first place is caring for people who are burdened by their condition caused by the disease. Smart technologies should help them cope with routine procedures that are important for diabetics.