Olive Union Launches Wireless Hearing Aid Headphones

The Korean company Olive Union announced the release of the Olive Pro - wireless headphones that additionally serve as a hearing aid. Although they look like traditional professional headphones, the Olive Pro is designed to help people with mild hearing loss. The developers have equipped them with an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that suppresses unwanted external noise and improves the sound of music, videos and conversations.

It takes about five minutes to get the headphones ready for use. After setting up an individual sound profile, artificial intelligence captures and scans the surrounding sounds to amplify those that the user needs and weed out unwanted ones. A nice addition - a capacious battery, the declared life of which is more than 18 hours.

The emergence of a wireless headphone / hearing aid hybrid is also good news because it is culturally beneficial for people with mild hearing loss as well. Now for them there will be no such strict taboo on the duration of wearing headphones during the day, and this allows them to listen to their favorite music and other interesting audio content for longer.

The Olive Pro is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $ 149, half the planned retail price of $ 299. The start of deliveries is expected in the first quarter of 2021.