Citizen launches the first fully digital watch in its history

The world-renowned classic watchmaker Citizen has taken a major step towards modern technology with the release of the first fully digital watch, the CZ Smart.

At first glance, we have before us a men's classic made of metal from Citizen with a branded dial. In fact, this is a fully digital 1, 28-inch AMOLED display with a set of functions and applications in a traditional package, which, depending on the wishes of the user, can "transform" into the dial of one of the well-known models - Active, Dashboard, Neo and Retro.

Like other smart watches, CZ Smart, in addition to showing the time, can perform the functions of an alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, timer and notebook. Users will also be able to answer phone calls thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, plus receive notifications and ask Google Assistant questions.

But smart watches are not limited to these capabilities: they can be connected to a phone and headphones via Bluetooth, via Wi-Fi - to the Internet, use GPS to navigate, and NFC will serve to make contactless payments via Google Pay.

Future owners of CZ Smart will also have the ability to monitor their heart rate, use the accelerometer and gyroscope in conjunction with Google Fit. They will also be able to count steps, monitor sleep and the progress of their sports training.

The battery charge is enough for a day of work. It takes 40 minutes to charge it up to 80%. The watch can dive to a depth of 30 meters and is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The CZ Smart is already available for $ 395 with mid-December delivery.