Apple adds a "secret" button to the iPhone that almost no one noticed

Most users of the latest iPhone models with iOS14 do not even suspect that their smartphone has been replenished with another - invisible - "button" called Back Tap.

Thanks to Back Tap, the entire back panel of the smartphone becomes one continuous "button". To activate certain software functions, you need to tap on it 2-3 times. However, Back Tap's stealth is very relative - its settings are built into Apple's accessibility menu (Settings → Accessibility → Tap → Back Tap).

According to experts, with the introduction of such a "button", the thin line separating hardware and software has disappeared, as a result of which users have more opportunities to interact with their gadgets.

Features that can be tied to Back Tap include opening the app manager, notification menu, or control center, and scrolling through an app window or web page, launching Siri, and taking a screenshot.

Back Tap also has access to the Quick Commands application, which multiplies the user's experience.