Moog Celebrates Centenary of Theremin with Unique Clarovox Centennial

Theremin, a unique electronic musical instrument created by the outstanding Soviet scientist Lev Sergeevich Theremin, is 100 years old. In honor of this event, the renowned manufacturer of musical synthesizers company Moog presented its modern version - Clarovox Centennial, named after the theremin playing virtuoso Clara Rockmore.

The Clarovox Centennial developers offer very high control over the sound quality. At the same time, the continuity is fully respected - the signal shaping scheme remains the same. Clarovox Centennial has two operating modes - normal and modern. The performer can switch between heterodyne analog and digital oscillators.

Like the previous version of the Moog theremin - Etherwave Pro, the new item has DIN MIDI, USB and CV inputs and outputs for connecting to a DAW and using it as a controller. The exterior design is remembered for its walnut body, brass antennas and multiple knobs.

Clara Rockmore is known as an outstanding popularizer of the theremin, whose existence, even 100 years after its creation, few people know. The musical capabilities of the instruments can be found in the video below.

Given its exclusivity, the Clarovox Centennial will go on sale in a limited edition for $ 1, 500.