Why do you need colored dots on your iPhone screen

In September, Apple officially updated iOS to version 14, and many users had a question - what do the orange and green dots that appeared at the top of their iPhone screens mean. Rumors have spread that these dots are somehow connected to spy software and show when Apple eavesdrops and spies on smartphone owners. In fact, these are just "recording indicators", as the developers themselves call them. Their job is to show you that a particular application has access to your gadget's camera or microphone.

The main purpose of these colored indicators is to give you more control over the permissions that are given to each application.

For example, if you watch a video on TikTok, the platform sees you as a passive user. At the moment, you are not creating content - and therefore there is no reason for the application to intercept access to your microphone or camera.

When one of the dots lights up on the screen, this is a signal that the application is using the sensors of your iPhone. A green dot means that the camera is currently in use, and an orange dot means that the application has accessed the microphone. Then the decision is yours - whether to allow the program to continue using these sensors or not.

To configure applications' access rights to sensors, open Settings - Scroll to the bottom of the list where all your applications are listed - Tap the icon of the desired program - Slide the microphone and camera access sliders to the desired position.