With the $ 25,000 SOS Key Tool, you can steal almost any car

Outwardly, this small $ 25, 000 device is somewhat reminiscent of the Game Boy. However, this is where the resemblance to a harmless gaming console ends. The fact is that with its help, if you wish, you can steal almost any modern car.

The SOS Key Tool device produced by the Bulgarian company SOS Autokeys is able to reproduce the signals of a huge number of car alarm key fobs. However, the company representatives declare that they did not set themselves the goal of breaking the law. But the fact remains - we are dealing with a unique means of theft.

The owner of the SOS Key Tool can scan and record a signal from any car of interest to him at the touch of a button. It can also be used to start the car remotely.

By the way, literally a few days after the publication of information about the SOS Key Tool in the popular publication The Drive, all traces of this device mysteriously disappeared.