DreamGlass - 4K augmented reality headset that doesn't need a screen

Dreamworld has launched a crowdfunding fundraiser for the production of a new headset model. It is positioned, neither more nor less, as a universal home media platform with support for augmented reality. In this case, we are still talking about a simple personal gadget.

The DreamGlass 4K headset weighs 185 grams, is suitable for people with glasses, and delivers a 200-inch display effect at a distance of three meters from the user's eyes. Like its predecessor, the DreamGlass Air model, the novelty supports a 90-degree viewing angle. There is support for pictures in 4K quality and 5G communication technology.

The gadget is positioned as a personal device, therefore, by default, the image is displayed only on the built-in screens, and the sound is fed through the 3.5 mm jack to the headphones. The headset can be connected to a wide variety of devices, requiring only an HDMI or USB-C connector. This allows, for example, to play console games, freeing up a large home screen for TV, which is watched in parallel by other family members.

The headset's bottleneck is the lack of an abundance of special augmented reality content for this platform. In theory, the system can adapt any input, such as a movie, game, or educational application. But in practice, the use of virtual instruments requires adaptation of programs for DreamGlass 4K. The headset will work up to 5 hours on one charge. The price of the device is $ 379, deliveries are scheduled for September 2020.