Scientists have developed a tiny and very useful "Fitbit for Chicks"

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside have developed a compact, backpack-like device dubbed the "Fitbit for Chicks." With its help, farmers will be able to solve a very important task - to detect ticks on the body of chickens.

As a rule, ticks prefer to dig into the back of the body of chickens. Once there, they cause itching and subcutaneous inflammation, as a result of which egg production decreases.

Scientists have found that chickens affected by ticks increase the intensity of some movements - in particular, they more often peck at the ground, preen themselves and take dust baths. To monitor the behavior of the chickens on their backs, we decided to attach the non-discomfortable Fitbit for Chickens.

Using a special algorithm, the scientists found out that the behavior of chickens affected by ticks changes markedly. All sick birds identified in this way were subjected to a special anti-mite treatment. As a result, their skin healed and they returned to normal life.

Materials on this development were published in Scientific Reports.