IBM develops a chip that mimics the work of the brain

The well-known corporation IBM is developing a new chip that mimics the work of the brain. No, no, this is not a message from the future, but the real reality.

IBM has announced that it is developing a new computer architecture and programming language for creating artificial intelligence. The new chip, which is a type of neurosynaptic processor, will work by analogy with the human brain.

The new chips will be based on an ultra-multi-threaded, highly parallel computing system. They will receive tens of billions of neurons and hundreds of trillions of synapses.

Thanks to a special programming language, it will be possible to "teach" electronic devices to study the world around them and react to all kinds of situations. There will also be applications that mimic the work of the human brain. Initially, IBM developers plan to create simple applications. For example, a program that will replace blind guide dogs.

As the head of the IBM Research Center Dharmendra Modha noted, now, due to the lack of knowledge and technology, it is impossible to create an organic copy of the brain, but there are all possibilities for developing an artificial analogue from modern materials.