Sony and Panasonic working on 300GB optical discs

Although the days of optical discs seem to be over, Sony and Panasonic have teamed up to create a new standard for 300GB discs.

Both companies have developed their own optical disc technologies in the past, but this time they decided that the joint effort would bring the new solution to market faster. Development is planned to be completed in 2015.

Here's how Sony is commenting on the news in its press release:

“In recent years, the need for storing large amounts of information has increased, not only from video producers, but also among companies providing cloud storage services. For further development, they just need to increase the amount of information provided to users.

Sony, like Panasonic, has already proven its competence in this matter with the development of the Blu-ray format, as well as the active promotion of the new optical disc format. Therefore, both companies are able to offer a new storage solution for future generations. "