Feelbelt gives an extraordinary tactile feel to any games or movies

Haptic feedback is a popular technology - especially in the entertainment industry. The controller of almost every game console released in the last 20 years has some form of vibration. And now the German startup Feelbelt is launching a device of the same name, which gives a tactile dimension to games, music and movies. All he needs is any device that uses sound waves.

The Feelbelt is a belt with 10 pulse generators that vibrate to the beat of music or sound. The gadget can reproduce frequencies from 1 Hz to 20, 000 Hz. The sound itself can come from any wireless source via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or via a standard 3.5mm audio jack. At the same time, the Feelbelt can even reproduce signals from surround sound systems. This means, for example, that when you hear footsteps behind your back in the game, you will feel a vibration from behind.

Feelbelt batteries last six hours of use and are rechargeable via the USB-C port. The companion app lets you adjust the vibration strength and select the presets you want - for example, for music, movies or games. The device has a universal size and will suit any user.

Feelbelt is currently raising money on Kickstarter for an early adopter belt of $ 215. The retail price will rise to $ 355. The developers have already raised the required amount and the first Feelbelt is due to start shipping this September.