The famous Japanese taiko drum switched to digital

The classic taiko drum is an integral part of Japanese culture, it has a special, unique sound. A renowned manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, Roland has decided to give this ancient instrument a modern digital sound. As a result, the Taiko-1 was born.

The company estimates that there are over a million taiko drummers in Japan. There are many of his admirers in other countries as well. True, sometimes they have problems associated with the large size and the need for regular maintenance of these exotic instruments.

As conceived by the developers, Taiko-1 will become one of the symbols of the upcoming 2020 Olympics. Its design is based on another variation of the Japanese drum, the katsugi okedo daiko, which is worn on a belt slung over the shoulder. The Taiko-1 has 14-inch mesh worktops at the top and bottom, powered by dual-zone trigger technology, and an electronic module in between.

The module provides Taiko-1 with an extended range of sounds, as well as the ability to import and use 16-bit / 44.1 kHz samples. Musicians have over 20 built-in effects that can be monitored via a 128 x 64 pixel LCD display.

The Taiko-1 is equipped with a headphone jack, 0.25-inch output jack, input jack, two pedals and a USB port. The instrument can be powered by eight AA batteries or via the built-in power adapter.

The Taiko-1 will go on sale in July for $ 1, 500.