Circular smart ring will change your relationship with your own health

Smart rings are relatively new (the first smart ring from the English company McLear went on sale in 2013) and not as common a type of wearable electronics as, for example, fitness bracelets. With the help of smart rings, you can control equipment, store passwords, unlock smartphones, make contactless payments and perform many other actions.

The new "smart" ring Circular performs, first of all, the functions of a fitness bracelet. It collects and analyzes information about the state of the body during the day and gives recommendations for improving well-being. In particular, the gadget will help you learn about the impact of sleep on the user's life and vice versa.

Monitoring data are displayed through a special application on a smartphone. Setting up the gadget is very simple: all software updates are transmitted to it over a wireless network.

Circular collects body information using two sensors (an infrared heart rate sensor and an accelerometer). The ring contains a built-in processor that processes the data and sends it via Bluetooth to a mobile application for analysis. The app, in turn, uses machine learning to better understand user habits and offer personalized recommendations.

The sleek design of the Circular is crafted from a durable, water-resistant material that is scratch-resistant. Charging (for 2 days of use) is carried out within an hour using a special device.

Circular can be ordered on Kickstarter for € 179. Worldwide sales are due to begin in August 2020.