The Bzigo laser detector will find and illuminate every mosquito in your room

Millions of domestic cats who love to hunt annoying flies and mosquitoes will thank the authors of the startup Bzigo. Their development combines two favorite entertainments of furry pets - it detects a harmful insect and immediately illuminates it with a laser.

In fact, the purpose of Bzigo is somewhat vague. At this stage, the detector simply determines the presence of a mosquito in the room and its location, but laser illumination of the target is effective only when it freezes. In the future, it will be possible to add a more powerful laser to immediately hit the object. In the meantime, it depends entirely on the person - Bzigo will only show the insect.

Thanks to infrared sensors and a wide-angle HD camera, the device is perfectly oriented in the dark. But it is not looking for warm mosquito bodies, but the fact of movement in the frame, carrying out its digital analysis. That is, if necessary, Bzigo can track the movements of other objects, including inorganic ones. For example, the device is able to recognize even fluctuations of dust in gusts of breeze.

Of the limitations - Bzigo works only indoors. The maximum target detection range reaches 8m.The laser pointer was shown at CES 2020 and is now available at a discount of $ 130. The product may appear on the market in a year.