Nanoleaf smart lamps will independently learn the habits of their owners

At the upcoming CES 2020, Nanoleaf will present its new development - the Nanoleaf Learning Series. It is based on last year's hit, "smart lamps" in the form of modular panels with a synchronization mechanism with various household appliances. In the new system, all this is complemented by a patented intelligent learning algorithm.

The details of the system's operation are still kept secret, company representatives say only that Nanoleaf lamps will monitor the user's behavior in order to study his lighting needs. To do this, they will be able to draw information from a variety of sources, mainly from other brand products - Learning Switch, Button, Gateway and Bulb. As well as other elements of a smart home.

The goal of the Nanoleaf Learning Series is to learn how to understand what kind of lighting users need in different situations and turn it on without a command. At the same time, control is fully preserved, including support for voice commands, but it fades into the background. It is still clear whether the owner will be able to purposefully "train" the luminaire to work in a specific mode or whether he will have to rely entirely on the ingenuity of the machine.

The full functionality of the Nanoleaf Learning Series is still unknown. As an example of his work, representatives of the company cite dynamic lighting of a room - the system recognizes your approach and turns on the light, sequentially lighting the lamps from the threshold into the interior of the room. Conversely, when you go out, the system itself gradually extinguishes the lighting, avoiding abrupt transitions between the modes of darkness and light.