Coral has developed a home manicure machine

Coral's developers, led by founder Ramya Venkateswaran, claim their new robot can do professional manicure. Moreover, it will take no more than 10 minutes to process one finger.

Very little is required from the user: put your finger in the special hole of the machine and wait 10 minutes. For the treatment of nails, capsules with a branded varnish are used, which can be purchased in the store or received by subscription. Under the bottom of the machine is a camera and several computer vision sensors that provide accurate coloration without the need for finishing.

Unlike previously created similar devices, the Coral machine does not require pretreatment of nails and deals exclusively with unmodified nail plates.

The development team has already raised $ 4.3 million through sponsors such as CrossLink Capital, Root Ventures, Tandem Capital and Y Combinator. With their help, Coral hopes to turn the prototype into a finished serial product in the next few months.