The US Army will receive a hand-held motion detector

The US Army has donated $ 250, 000 to develop the Lumineye Lux handheld radar system that will "see" through walls. By its purpose and appearance, it resembles the famous movement tracker used by the heroes of the movie "Aliens".

Lumineye Lux is a handheld device slightly smaller than a tablet. According to Internet publication Task & Purpose, it is 3D printed and weighs less than a kilogram. The handheld tracker "uses signal analysis software to distinguish moving and breathing people from other objects behind the wall." The system also "sees" through smoke and fire.

The Lumineye Lux uses a millimeter-wave radar that operates over a frequency range of 1 to 10 mm. This is the section of the spectrum between microwave and infrared radiation. In the 1990s, Apache helicopters were equipped with mm-range radars, with their help the crew could detect enemy tanks behind trees and in shelters.

Lux, like the Space Marine system from the movie Aliens M314 Motion Tracker, can track objects through solid obstacles, determining the distance to them. The human body emits millimeter waves, which can be recorded even with the help of passive detectors. Active radar, in turn, detects the smallest superficial body movements, such as heartbeat and breathing.