Technocastet Tap Strap combines keyboard and mouse

One of the promising gadgets of the past year, the unusual Tap Strap data entry tool, has received a natural development. This week, the developers unveiled the Tap Strap 2, which has a useful air mouse option. This means that you no longer need to drum your fingers on any surface, commands can be sent from any position of the hand in the air.

Visually, Tap Strap 2 is the same "high-tech" brass knuckles, with fastening on all fingers, which can track their mutual movement. The gadget previously served as a mouse, but now it looks like a universal control panel. For example, it can be used during presentations, to control smart TVs, and even in virtual reality. Tap Strap 2 is especially useful here, because the user does not see his hands, and this gadget not only supports the input of commands at an intuitive level, but also stimulates the use of such interfaces.

Tap Strap 2 has three modes of operation. In the first, it acts as a normal cursor in the OS. In the second, it is used to control multimedia, and in the third, to navigate the menus of various specific devices, such as smart TVs or consoles. It should be noted the deep integration of the novelty with devices of the "apple" family, which opens up access to new unusual options. For example, with Tap Strap 2, you can switch apps on the fly and instantly go to the home screen.

The typing feature has been optimized, but essentially unchanged. Since there is no virtual keyboard projection, the user will have to master gesture combinations for data entry. Training takes from one and a half hours to a week. Tap Strap 2 costs $ 200, and one of the additional incentives to buy it is that you don't even need a pocket to carry this device, the gadget can be safely transported right on your hand and is always ready to go.