Human Headphones are some of the strangest yet most comfortable headphones in the world

Human Inc company from Seattle (USA) launches the unusual Human Headphones on sale. They do not need arcs for attaching to the head, the devices are simply put on the ears. It is not so much a device for playing audio as a new multifunctional platform that can take over the various functions of a smartphone.

Human Headphones are held on the user's head due to their low weight, only 46 grams, and a special pressure plate. The developers claim to have spent a lot of time designing a structure that would fit any ear shape. They managed to fit enough power into a compact body so that the device could carry out digital audio processing itself without connecting to a smartphone.

For example, super headphones have an integrated translator with dictionaries for 11 languages. It works in three modes - for personal communication, group or on the move. Control - touch, on the outside of each ear pads. Between each other, both halves of Human Headphones support Bluetooth communication.

The headphones have a wireless communication module with a range of up to 30 m, they can be connected to a smartphone as a headset, and the platform also has the potential to integrate new voice communication mechanisms when they appear. The device is priced at $ 259 for early adopters, and will rise to $ 399 later.