Roland launches Aerophone digital instrument for musicians of all skill levels

To master any musical instrument is a lot of work. A well-known manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, the Japanese company Roland offers to simplify it somewhat with the help of its new product - an unusual wind instrument Aerophone.

At first glance, the Aerophone looks like a toy, thanks to the fact that it has only nine buttons, and complex breathing techniques are not required at all. The instrument can produce six "own" sounds, the rest are available through the companion application.

The Aerophone weighs in at just over 500 grams and has a battery that delivers 10 hours of continuous play. The instrument has a built-in 1.5W speaker for public performances and a 3.5mm audio jack for silent practice.

The arrangement of the seven main and two octave buttons follows the design of the recorder, which many tried out during their school years. The rest of the Aerophone will also be easy to master. To do this, you just need to "learn a simple fingering and just blow into the mouthpiece, " the developers say.

For more than 50 additional tones, users can download the Aerophone mini Plus app for iOS or Android to their smartphones, which also offers interactive lessons and tutorials.

The aerophone can also be used by professionals by wirelessly connecting it to popular DAW software, adjusting breathing sensitivity settings and changing the button layout. The tool is already available for sale at a price of $ 300.