BW Space's underwater drone gets a stunning 6x zoom camera

Chinese startup Youcan Robot has released a deeply redesigned version of last year's underwater drone. It is called BW Space Pro and is distinguished primarily by its excellent camera, which now has a 6x zoom. The camera is coordinated with a dual floodlight system that can detect and adapt to light conditions at a specific depth.

The drone dives to a depth of 100 m and can be controlled both by cable and wirelessly, moving away from the operator at a distance of up to 500 m. The Pro version received an additional vertical thruster, now the device has paired vertical and horizontal rudders. This provided him with a new level of maneuverability and accuracy of targeting, as well as expanded the possibilities of shooting in tracking mode. In particular, the drone can move horizontally while holding the camera at a 45-degree angle to track a moving object above or below it.

The Pro's 9600mAh lithium battery lasts for four hours on a single charge. For control, as before, a proprietary controller or an application on a smartphone is used. The full version of BW Space Pro with zoom is priced at $ 1, 699 at the pre-order stage, and the underwater drone will be on sale in October this year.