New Garmin Tactical Edition military watch can work in stealth mode

The new model of the Garmin Tactical Edition smartwatch is designed for saboteurs, spies and people of other difficult professions who have to work at night. Their main feature is the presence of a stealth mode. When you switch to it, the watch activates a special backlight, which can only be seen through a night vision device.

Another feature of stealth mode is the radio silence effect, in which the watch breaks all wireless connections with other gadgets, turns off memory recording and stops sending GPS data, displaying it only on the display. By the way, it works on the principle of double positioning and displays data in two coordinate systems.

The watch case is made of fiber-polymer material and is attached to the wrist with a silicone bracelet. The standard of protection is military, with the ability to work under water at depths of up to 100 m. The watch supports work with the navigation systems GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Since the gadget belongs to the category of smart, it can measure the pulse, count the steps taken and the calories burned, it has monitoring modes when cycling, swimming, running. And even skydiving - the Jumpmaster function will help optimize this process.

The battery of the device provides it with energy for 14 days in active use and 40 days in battery saving mode. The Garmin Tactical Edition is priced at $ 350.