The designer clearly showed how Wi-Fi works

Few of us thought about what a Wi-Fi network looks like, without which many can no longer imagine their life. But graphic designer Nikolai Lamm has been worried about this for a long time, and he decided to clearly show what a Wi-Fi coverage looks like.

According to the author himself, the idea to show what Wi-Fi looks like came to him after the Google search engine failed to find an "answer" to his question: "What would happen if we could see Wi-Fi radiation?"

The renders show the Washington DC National Mall with "visible" Wi-Fi waves. To create them, he used 3D shapes of wireless Internet coverage and NASA maps, which allowed him to determine the height and distance of each of the waves.

Nikolai Lamm has been successful at concepts before, but these renders turned out to be especially colorful and interesting. True, many may be frightened by the fact that Wi-Fi waves surround us everywhere and it is impossible to hide from them.