Mojipic's voice-activated animated display brings car windows to life

There are many ways to show your creative personality when designing a car's exterior design. For a long time, car owners preferred various stickers or films that reflect their state of mind. However, progress does not stand still.

Just on Indiegogo, brothers Ilya and Igor Pashko launched the Mojipic project, which was originally conceived as a way of expressing recognition to their favorite hockey team - the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Mojipic is an animated display that attaches to car windows using suction cups. It is controlled by a smartphone app (iOS or Android) or by voice, which is important for driver safety.

There are more than 1500 emoticons in the Mojipic "archive", most of which are animated. Among them are sports team logos, national flags, symbols, logos, memes and more. If this is not enough for the user, then using the application he can create "author" images and animated GIF-files, download images from the phone library, URL, or simply draw directly on the phone and then demonstrate to others.

Users are given the opportunity to create web links using QR codes to promote sites, and passengers can participate in installed 8-bit games and other road entertainment.

Mojipic has a 6000 candela display with a resolution of 32 x 32 pixels, bright enough to be seen in daylight. Case size - 140 x 153 mm. The power source is a 8200 mAh lithium polymer battery and a five-meter charging cable.

Mojipic can be ordered on Indiegogo for $ 69. The kit includes a Mojipic device, an adjustable window and dashboard mount, a car charger cable, and an app. Sales are scheduled to start in August 2019.