CadenceX - the bicycle dynamo of the XXI century

The owners of bicycles of the last century remember well the wheeled dynamos, which are somewhat similar in shape to small bottles. The CadenceX is an updated version of the bicycle generator that incorporates the latest technology.

The novelty is the brainchild of the Chicago-based startup PedalCell. The device is equipped with a rubberized wheel that rotates by touching the rim of the front wheel of the bicycle. The generator generates electricity, which is transmitted through wires to the steering wheel-mounted Smart Power Hub, designed to regulate and distribute current between consumer devices.

CadenceX is capable of generating up to 20W of power. However, the generator is not designed for electric bicycles. Its end consumers are lighting lamps, electronic switching systems, gadget chargers, bicycle computers and action cameras. Since the capacitor stores energy, these devices will be able to work for a while after stopping.

The Smart Power Hub creates some resistance when spinning, but thanks to built-in sensors that detect the bike's acceleration, speed and tilt, resistance automatically decreases at low speeds or during climbing and increases when braking.

It is planned that CadenceX will be installed on bicycles during production or on ready-made models. However, there will be no sale of devices directly to consumers. It is reported that the weight of the built-in version will be 270 grams, and as an additional system - about 320.

PedalCell CEO Adam Hawkin assured that the start of sales of bicycles with CadenceX is scheduled for the end of the current-beginning of 2020.