Fitness Tracker Helps Solve Mafia Boss Murder Case

The British news outlet Echo reported that police were able to identify the culprit in the murder of Mafia boss Paul Messi in 2015. And the Garmin Forerunner fitness tracker helped to calculate it.

The perpetrator was the hitman Mark Fellows, nicknamed "The Iceman". He was arrested in another case already in 2018 - after the murder of mobster John Kinsella.

A forensic scientist studying Fellows' fitness tracker Garmin discovered a 35-minute run in 2015 that ran past Messi's residence. Thus, the killer studied possible escape routes after the murder. This fact forced the investigation to check the recordings of the cell tower and video recordings of surveillance cameras of the entire area. Based on the data obtained, the investigators were able to draw up a detailed schedule of the suspect's presence at the crime scene.

The tracker data, coupled with other evidence, was enough for the court. Liverpool jury sentenced Mark Fellows to life in prison.