Puma brings' 80s smart sneakers back to life

Puma decided to rebrand the iconic '80s sneaker, then known as the "RS-Computer". They were distinguished by the presence of electronics in the heel and the ability to connect shoes via a 16-pin cable to a Commodore 64 computer to read data from sensors of distance traveled and walking time. The modern version has no real use - it's a collector's edition.

The plan is to produce and sell a total of 86 pairs of new generation smart sneakers, but with the same name and retro design. Instead of the previous sensors in the heel, they will receive an accelerometer and a microcontroller in the extension compartment on the heel. The shoes will measure the same parameters, but transmit them not via a cable, but via Bluetooth, to a smartphone application. The built-in memory card allows you to store information for 30 days, the electronics are recharged via the USB port.

Essentially, the sneaker acts as another fitness accessory, a familiar wearable device. In the application for iOS and Android, in addition to the interface for studying key parameters, there are also ported 8-bit games. The design of the sneakers almost repeats the original 40 years ago, the shoes, if desired, can be used for their intended purpose. The price of the collectible retro sneakers is still unknown.