Hudway Sight will give a regular helmet a virtual display

Until now, "smart" helmets are complete electronic devices manufactured in the factory. However, with the Hudway Sight system, even an ordinary safety helmet can be made smart.

Hudway Sight consists of a power supply, a mounting bracket with a projector that attaches to a helmet (cyclists, motorcyclists and racers) and a control unit.

The control unit is synchronized via Bluetooth with the user's smartphone and transmits data from it to the projector. Using waveguide optical technology, the device projects information onto a tempered glass screen located at the pilot's right eye.

Since the screen is transparent, the user can see both the road and the displayed information at the same time - speed, distance traveled, road navigation with directional arrows, and even text message notifications. With an optional Bluetooth headset, users can also control music apps using voice commands. The battery lasts for 5 hours of operation.

The Hudway Sight is available on Kickstarter for $ 499. At retail, the price can go up to $ 849.