Eume Backpack for Massage While Walking

Co-founder of Eume startup Naina Parekh once noticed that, being at CES 2018, she felt very uncomfortable carrying a heavy backpack full of gadgets on her back. Then she came up with the idea to combine business with pleasure - to make sure that the filled backpack does not hang on her back as a dead weight, but performs the function of a massager.

The Eume massager backpack is available in three versions - 26, 27 and 42 liters. In addition to the usual pockets for a backpack, it has a special section for modern gadgets. It can easily accommodate 1-2 cameras, a laptop, a spare battery, cables and documents.

The main feature of Eume is four massagers located on the back side - two on the top and two on the bottom. By adjusting the straps, the massage zones can be precisely fixed. Three modes are activated by a button located on the shoulder strap - for the upper, lower and lateral parts of the back.

The 26-liter backpack (Classic) weighs 1590 grams, is made of waterproof polyester and has dimensions of 27, 94 x 15, 24 x 48, 26 cm.It has a compartment for a 15.6-inch standard laptop, as well as 2 external USB charging -port.

The 27-liter (Daily) backpack, covered in reflective material, already fits a 17-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet. The set also includes a rain cover. The 42 liter version of the Eume (Travel Pack) has an additional side handle, a garment compartment, a protective cover and a dedicated shoe compartment.

All three Eume models can be found on Kickstarter. Their prices are respectively 99, 159 and 179 dollars. If the promotion company is successful, worldwide shipments will begin in December.