Tiny Glamos device will create invisible touchscreen anywhere

The natives of Samsung have launched Glamos, a startup that has the potential to revolutionize touch. Using lidar technology, the device creates an invisible sensitive screen that reacts to interference in its area of ​​operation. If the interference is recognized as a control gesture, Glamos transmits the appropriate command to the base device.

Glamos technology solves two important tasks. Firstly, you no longer need to create an expensive and complex touch cover for displays with huge diagonals. On the contrary, they can be returned to their old reliable glass or armor film to make them resistant to damage. Secondly, it solves the issue of pollution, since the user literally "moves his fingers in the air", in fact, without touching anything. This is convenient if your hands are in flour or paint, but you need to scroll through the instructions on the screen.

Glamos scans an area in one plane, with a 180-degree viewing angle. The gadget can be placed vertically or horizontally, attached in front of a real display, or simply placed on a table a few meters from the screen. The device operates at a frequency of 40 Hz (that is, 40 FPS - approx. Ed. Techcult), due to which it actually becomes an extension of a mouse or a finger - the amount of delay is not perceived by a person.

The cost of one Glamos module for those who support the startup will be $ 129. It is expected that the first shipments will be shipped in August this year.