Walmart patented a shopping cart that reads the heart rate and temperature of a shopper

The list of electronic devices that control a person's condition has increased by one more unit. This time, the corresponding biometric sensors were integrated into the handles of shopping carts of the Walmart retail network (USA). As a result, we got another “smart” gadget that works in real time.

Such an unusual innovation, in the opinion of the company's management, is necessary for the analysis of information about customers. Special sensors record heart rate, body temperature, the amount of pushing forces applied and the speed of movement of people.

The information received is immediately sent to the server, where, with the help of special software, after comparison with the reference indicators, the degree of customer satisfaction with the services provided is determined.

If the readings are “bad”, or, more simply, the client is not satisfied with the service or the quality of the goods, the system will send a supermarket employee to him to solve the problem.

Walmart has already received a patent for its smart carts. The management of the retail chain has no doubts that their implementation will help improve the quality of service.