Jarvish Introduces Augmented Reality Smart Helmet

The Jarvish brand is trying to lead the motorcycle smart helmet industry. The company is already selling its first model in Taiwan and recently announced two more. Although fundraising for their production is carried out through crowdfunding platforms, there is a high probability that smart helmets will turn out to be not just stylish accessories, but a new word in the industry.

The Jarvish X model is considered younger and cheaper because it does not have augmented reality functionality. In fact, this is the same motorcycle helmet, which has added a lot of useful electronics. For example, high-quality microphones for communicating with voice assistants Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. It is they who are responsible for sounding weather forecasts, planning a route, managing music and other useful little things. The helmet has a front camera that can record 2K video. The Jarvish X is priced at $ 799 and may begin production as early as January next year.

The Jarvish X-AR model is older and more expensive - $ 2599 per copy. It has everything the same as in the younger model, but with the ability to display information in augmented reality. Speed, fuel reserve, recommendations for maneuvering, time, data on incoming messages and much more can be displayed on the glass of the helmet, to make the driver more comfortable. Or the inconvenience - there are not so many augmented reality screens in the world that would not cause any complaints. A separate option is the output in the view window from the rear view camera.

Expect the appearance of the X-AR model not earlier than the second half of 2019, and it is not a fact that the dates will not be rescheduled. The manufacturer does not want to be embarrassed and will not even start raising funds until he is convinced that the concept of a smart helmet with augmented reality can be implemented at the proper level. At least, this is the position of the developers themselves.