FM Synth Bass - stringless bass synthesizer with LED backlight

Several years ago, Dean Miller created a modified Tele Servo Bender guitar. Inspired by success, he did not rest on his laurels, and here is his next novelty - a stringless bass synthesizer with autonomous power supply and LED backlighting - FM Synth Bass. Like a bass guitar, it emits four fundamental sounds corresponding to each string.

FM Synth Bass has an unusual tapered shape: it was made from an acrylic cylinder cut at a certain angle. Instead of four strings traditional for bass guitar, the electronic instrument is equipped with linear ThinPot position sensors in special grooves on the neck, along with four potentiometers. On the back of the neck, 120 LEDs are mounted for light accompaniment during the performance of musical compositions.

The brain of the FM Synth Bass is a Blackfin + DSP digital signal processor linked to the FM music database. The DSP resembles a general-purpose microcontroller, Miller said, but it was specifically designed to process digital signals into audio or video.

The technique of playing the FM Synth Bass is also different from the "guitar" one - the sounds are produced by tapping on the place (the size of a smartphone) where the triggers are located.

The novelty was built in a single copy and is not available for sale. So far, you can get acquainted with it only through a video on YouTube.