Oko accessory will free the Internet from the curse of "vertical video"

The new startup Oko, as conceived by its authors, is intended to radically change what is now called smartphone photography. Modern gadgets are almost perfect, there is no dispute, which cannot be said about their operators. The list of small and large claims to would-be photographers is long enough, but Oko, supposedly, will help solve them all in one fell swoop.

Technically, this is a flexible silicone smartphone attachment with two eyepieces. They are directed towards the screen of the device, but not adjacent to it, and have their own lenses, providing 6x magnification. The space between the eyepieces and the body of the smartphone is left empty - there you can comfortably fit your fingers to operate the touch screen.

The process of photo and video shooting with Oko is no different from the usual option, but the operator sees in front of him a different picture, cleared of anomalies and parasitic effects. Horizontal orientation becomes mandatory when shooting, as it is in this position that our eyes see what is happening better. The stabilization of the gadget is increased, it becomes possible to focus on the details in the frame, rather than shaking hands. Plus, the image in the photo will perfectly match the one that the person himself saw at the time of shooting.

With Oko, smartphone owners willy-nilly will have to make a choice in favor of horizontal shooting, thanks to which most videos and photos will become more informative, intuitive. Of course, this does not solve the issue of portrait photography, especially for selfies, so the new accessory is aimed at fans of shooting landscapes, sights and events. Price - $ 39 per copy.