Nokia has developed a smart jacket for modern lifeguards

Nokia is well known in the world as a manufacturer of non-standard products, like the ice touchscreen, created back in 2010. At the annual Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona, ​​the company presented an unusual product for itself - the "smart" CHASE Life Tech FR jacket for police and rescuers, developed in conjunction with the South Korean fashion company Kolon.

Externally, CHASE Life Tech FR looks like bright jackets, which are usually worn by police and firefighters. The main difference lies in its electronic stuffing. The jacket is equipped with modular sensors that record heart rate and body temperature, GPS and an accelerometer. But this is only what is presented at the exhibition. Instead of these sensors, you can install others that are necessary in a particular situation - for example, carbon monoxide sensors.

The data "taken" from the jacket is transmitted to the base station, where the control unit analyzes it in real time. This can, in particular, help in the event that a police officer or firefighter does not get in touch in an emergency. CHASE developers assure that its operational resource is practically unlimited.

CHASE Life Tech FR is distinguished by its exquisite design, which is in no way inferior to the generally recognized global fashion brands. However, all these spectacular details of the jacket, in addition to the design ones, also perform quite certain practical functions. For example, fabric is conductive, and reflective 3M parts made from GORE-TEX material easily let steam from the body, but keep rain and snow out. Since all sensors are removable, the CHASE Life Tech FR can be washed easily.

Since the jacket, despite the electronic filling, looks great, Nokia and Kolon have plans to create a “civilian” version of it within a year and a half.